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JoAnne Fell

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“Can we feed the hens?” “Yes you Can”

To feed the Hens, just simply take your bag of Hen Food to the field gate across the road & the Hens will come to you. Make sure you throw it over the gate & please don’t climb the gate.

 More food available in the boot room.

JoAnne Fell feeding the hens Hens at Mosedale End Farm

The brown hens are Lohman Brown Classic, the breed was developed in 1959 from rhode island reds, light sussex and the leghorn and probably some other secret ingredient, they are noted for a flighty temperament and good egg quality and colour of shell. The cockerel is called Rocky named after the daring cockerel in the film Chicken Run.

Feeding our free range hens

What came first?                              The Chicken or the Egg??

JoAnne Fell

Tel: 017687 79605

Mosedale End Farm, Mosedale, Penrith, Cumbria. CA11 0XQ